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How To Wear Tie Clips

How To Wear Tie Clips

Posted by Wendy on 1st Apr 2018

In a corporate world, tie clips are the bling for blokes!

Tie Bars

Clipping a simple bar of metal to a tie should be easy, right? But so many of us get it wrong.

Too high. Too low. Too wide.

And do you call them tie bars, tie clips or tie slides? Tie bars can be clips or slides, a clip simply has a clipping mechanism while a slide does just that, slides on like a bobby pin. But call them what you will, their real purpose is to secure both ends of your tie to your shirt front.

The rule of thumb is that:

  • Wear your tie bar between the third and fourth button of your shirt.
  • Make sure your tie bar is narrow than your shirt.
  • Secure your tie to your shirt front.

This neat video clip from GQ says it all.

Source: GQ