Bow ties - self tie versus pre-tied bow ties

Posted by Wendy on 16th Feb 2014

Bow Ties

Now there’s a question for you! The purists will say self-tied bow ties every time. And for a truly formal look I have to agree. As good as they are today, pre-tied bow ties really don’t cut it for a black – or white – tie event.

And once you have the “knack” tying a silk bow tie is pretty much like tying your shoelaces (only under your chin!). For a how-to guide complete with photos download “How To Tie A Bow Tie” ( Source:  )

The trick is not to worry about it being absolutely perfect - for that you can buy a pre-tied bow!

For every day wear personally I don’t think there is anything wrong with the better pre-tied bow ties on the market today. Long gone is that elastic neck band on your old Sunday school bow tie. The bands are now adjustable fabric to match the bow. And there is a much larger selection of fashion bow ties to select from in the pre-tied variety.

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