How To Wear Tie Clips

How To Wear Tie Clips

Posted by Wendy on 1st Apr 2018

In a corporate world, tie clips are the bling for blokes! Clipping a simple bar of metal to a tie should be easy, right? But so many of us get it wrong. Too high. Too low. Too wide. … read more

The Goods On Leather Goods

Posted by Wendy on 8th Jan 2016

There is something almost intoxicating about the feel and smell of leather, whether it is from the interior of a spiffy sports car, a brand new football, or a designer handbag (my particular favouri … read more

Caring For Silk Ties

Posted by Wendy on 31st Dec 2015

There are a few simple tips to make caring for silk ties a breeze. The first is to ensure you untie your tie and hang it at night. Leaving the knot in place may make it a little easier to retie, … read more

Sixteen Ways To Tie A Scarf

Posted by Wendy on 24th Apr 2015

How to tie a scarf. There are sixteen ways to tie ladies scarves? Who knew?Well actually there are probably more, but until I saw this amazing video clip my scarf tying repertoire was limited to … read more

Secrets For A Perfect Shave

Posted by Neil on 14th Mar 2015

The real secret of how to shave is to make shaving a pleasure not a chore. While electric razors are quick and convenient, they can leave the skin dry. When it comes to mens grooming, nothing qui … read more

Bow ties - self tie versus pre-tied bow ties

Posted by Wendy on 16th Feb 2014

Now there’s a question for you! The purists will say self-tied bow ties every time. And for a truly formal look I have to agree. As good as they are today, pre-tied bow ties really don’t cut … read more