Caring For Silk Ties

Posted by Wendy on 31st Dec 2015

There are a few simple tips to make caring for silk ties a breeze. 

The first is to ensure you untie your tie and hang it at night. Leaving the knot in place may make it a little easier to retie, but it will leave creases in the tie, permanently spoiling its look. Invest in a tie hanger for your wardrobe, not only will this allow your silk ties to hang beautifully it will make selecting a tie in the morning easier. And you will always know where to find your favourite. 

When travelling, avoid packing your tie loose in your suitcase. Crush marks can be hard to remove and your wife's stiletto heels can do serious damage. If you travel regularly for business a tie case is a good investment. Otherwise when you travel, fold your tie in four and place it inside your suit pocket.

Tie clips can save a tie from serious damage if you work in an environment where you may need to bend over machinery, liquids or the shredder!!! Tie tacks are great for this too, but can leave tiny holes in the front of your tie. A sneaky tip to avoid this is to attach the tack to your shirt from the back of the tie.

When caring for silk ties, removing stains can be tricky. Don't attempt to wash your tie – water and silk are not friends. And avoid dry cleaning your silk ties – in fact many professional dry cleaning services will advise you that they are not suitable for dry cleaning. Spots can often be removed by careful application of a little spot cleaner – or club soda – using a clean cloth. To treat grease marks, apply a little talcum powder to absorb the grease over a period of several hours – or overnight – then gently rub off the residue with a clean cloth. You may need to repeat this process a couple of times.

But the real trick to dealing with stains on ties is not to get any in the first place. Avoid leaning over your soup bowl. And while napkins may not be the coolest of fashion accessories, the bloke in the restaurant with spaghetti sauce down his tie will wish he had worn his!

And if the worst comes to the worst, what a great excuse to buy another stunning silk tie.